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Squidward Community College offers only the best courses to our students. All of our courses have been Bikini Bottom Certified™ to give you a job the second you walk out the door!

Our founder, Squidward Tentacles, has carefully crafted these courses with only the finest ingredients to ensure they meet your needs.


You will study a range of materials, techniques and processes within the field of Art & Design, and then develop your creative potential through a series of projects working towards specialising in your own chosen areas.

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You will study a range of different areas, focused around the developing music and media industries. In addition to this, students will work with other disciplines to write music to briefs, arrange music for ensemble, develop installations, place music for television, film, games and digital media. The course begins by setting a solid foundation surrounding theoretical, conceptual, and technological aspects of music composition.

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You will study a range of different finance sectors and develop an intuitive knowledge of financial principles and statements to unlock critical insights into performance and potential.

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You will study a range of different subjects and topics such as the process of construction of buildings, airport terminals, highway construction, malls, complexes and other civil construction.

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How to apply for a course

To apply for a course you will need to provide proof of your outstanding grades. Please provide us with a short statement of why you think you should be accepted to study at Squidward Community College.

You can send us your application via email, which can be found in our contact details.