Art Course

At Squidward Community College we offer only the best Art courses. Our Art course that we offer beats the rest.

This course is aimed to develop your creative art and design skills and build up a portfolio of work demonstrating your individual artistic potential, in a wide range of subject areas, which can be used to progress to future employment.

What you will learn on this course

You will study a range of materials, techniques and processes within the field of Art & Design, and then develop your creative potential through a series of projects working towards specialising in your own chosen areas.

The course has very good enrichment activities including regular trips and visits to local and regional art galleries for artists and curators talks from the founder of Squidward Community College, Squidward Tentacles. A highlight of our course is a week-long residential trip to Bakini Bottom.

How to apply

To apply for this course you will need to provide proof of your outstanding grades. Please provide us with a short statement of why you think you should be accepted to study at Squidward Community College.

You can send us your application via email, which can be found on our contact page.