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Forum Updates - 2022/08/26

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Hello everyone, :wave:

We have been hard at work making the Squidward Community College forum even better. This post will outline our changes since the last update. 8-)

Quick summary of new features:
  • Avatars On Member List
  • Profile Flairs
  • Annual Star On Profile

Explanation of New features:

Avatars On Member List
When you enter the member list, you will see the member's avatar next to their name. We added this to make finding the person you are looking for easier.
We can see that most members haven't yet set their profile picture, be sure to do this to make yourself stand out on the forum!

Profile Flairs
Profile flairs are badges that are earned by completing various tasks or by taking part in an event.
We currently have two profile flairs; the first is the "Founding Member" flair. Members earned this by being among the first 20 people to register on the SquidwardCC forum, which has been automatically applied to those members' accounts.
The second flair is the "Artist" flair, earned when you submit artwork in the "Gallery Submissions" forum section. If you already have artwork in the gallery and do not have the flair, please get in touch with me via PM.
We will add more flairs in the future. If you have a suggestion for what we could add, please let us know below or by posting in the "Feature Requests" forum section.
Below are examples of the "Founding Member" and "Artist" profile flairs.

Annual Star On Profile
Once your account age reaches one year, a star will be added to your profile with the number "1" on it. Every year after that, the number will increment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
- Gary The Snail :gary1: :squidward1:
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Gary The Snail - Site Administrator :gary1: :squidward1:
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