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Forum Updates - 2023/03/25

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Hello Everyone, :wave:

This is just a quick post to inform you that we have updated the forum. We have made some changes in the background to ensure the forum continues to run smoothly. Some of our changes may contain bugs; please email us if you come across any!

Also, we are aware of the spambot issue, and we have implemented a new check that should hopefully help to lessen the effectiveness of these bots. Thanks for being patient while we sort it out!

There are a few more subjects in the Homework Help section for you; if you want to request a subject thread you think we missed, please let us know in the Feedback forum! :mrgreen:

Please continue to post feedback in the Feedback forum; it helps us improve the forum for everyone! :jellyfish1:

Thanks for reading!
- Gary The Snail :gary1:
Gary The Snail - Site Administrator :gary1: :squidward1:
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